Poppy Playtime Horror Movie With Studio71 Announced!

Poppy Playtime Horror Movie With Studio71 Announced!

Yes, It’s True A Huge, very Big News Of The Year Is Out Right Now. Poppy Playtime Horror Movie Announced & Going To Be A Reality Soon. Read Below To Know The Whole Story. The movie is gonna be the most awaited movie of the Horror & Scary World As it’s Popularity Shows.

Poppy Playtime horror movie announced

The Mob Entertainment Company Has Made A Collab With Studio71 To Create This Amazing Project Or A Hilarious Film. The First Time A Game Will be Into A Movie It Sounds Hilarious. The Work On it Already Started as Per Them. Let’s see what they said About It & How They Announced It.

Poppy Playtime Movie Announced

Official Statement by Mob Entertainment & Studio71 –

Mob Entertainment is proud to announce a partnership with Studio71 to develop and produce a film based on Poppy Playtime.

A Statement from Mob Entertainment President and CEO Zach Belanger:

“We never could have imagined that this game would become as popular as it is with such an enormous and ever-growing legion of fans. We are so excited to deliver the next chapter of our game and beyond excited to work with Studio71 to transform Poppy into a feature film. It’s going to be a great ride!”

Studio71 is fast-tracking the project and is already out to filmmakers to create the story based in the Poppy Playtime universe.

“We’re thrilled to be partnered with such an incredible team in Mob Games and their breakout game,” added Studio71’s President of Scripted Content, Michael Schreiber. “Their vision for this game is a vivid tapestry that allows the space for feature films that don’t retread on the narrative’s gameplay. Fans of this franchise are in store for a new storyline that stands alone as its own terrifying and gripping saga.” @Poppy Playtime News

Link to full article here: https://deadline.com/2022/04/poppy-playtime-mob-games-studio71-developing-horror-film-based-on-video-game-1235010934/

Poppy playtime movis

Poppy Playtime film

This is The Statement Of Both Of Them. They Are So Excited To Bring It Up To Us After Completing It In A Year Or A Little Time. It will Take As We Saw Disney & Pixar Animation Movies or Like Holliwood We saw iron man or something like that. It Will Be Like A Disaster Ever We Saw… But A Very Cool One.

What’s The Start :-

The first installment of Poppy Playtime was released by Mob Games in October of 2021. In the game, a former employee of Playtime Co. receives a cryptic message on a VHS tape. The tape prompts him to revisit an abandoned Playtime toy factory. following the mysterious disappearance of their entire staff. Which happened 10 years prior. From that point forward, the goal of the game is to explore the factory by solving various puzzles. while avoiding terrifying enemies in order to uncover the mystery. Of what happened to the missing staff. Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 was announced this month. with its launch video making it to #3 on YouTube’s trending page.

Studio71 is fast-tracking the project and is already out to filmmakers to create the story based in the Poppy Playtime universe. Mob Games and Studio71 are also in early talks to bring aboard prolific producer Roy Lee (The Lego Movie, It).

The feature film deal is an expansion of the relationship between Studio71 and Mob Games. who, for the past six years, have collaborated on four YouTube channels. Which count 10.2 million subscribers. (source – deadline.com)


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