Horror Brawl Season 3 Official Trailer This Saturday!

Horror Brawl Season 3 Official Trailer Coming This Saturday With Mike & Lis!

A Huge Breaking News Is Here that Horror Brawl Going To Get It’s 3rd Season Very Soon. Horror Brawl Season 3 Was Already So Much Awaited. Because people were thinking which new enemy or characters going to added in this 3rd round of season. Horror Brawl Become More & More Popular When It’s Season 2 Arrived. Peoples Become crazy to play it longer then usual because of Everyone’s Beloved “Ice Scream Man Rod” Enemy Added In The Game. When Rod Sullivan(Kidnapper Ice Scream Maker) Added As A Horror In The Game Peoples starting Loving the game as they are loving Ice Scream Saga Earlier. So that’s a Very Successful Season Then & A big Hit.

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Horror Brawl Season 3 Announcement & Trailer Reveals!

As You all Know That, The Keplerians & Campero games Gives Us Clues & Hints About What’s New Coming In The Next Update This Time They Revealed A Big Chunk. They Finally, Going to add Mike & Lis In The Game As New Characters. We were waiting for it for a Very Very Long Period and Finally It’s Coming. The Trailer Of Horror Brawl Season 3 With Lis & Mike Will come Out On The Saturday 30 April, 2022 The Exact Time Is Still Not Yet Out. They Will Reveal More Thinks Regarding It Soon After Trailer. But The Trailer Will Directly Show Us What’s The final Thing coming In The Season 3 Of Horror Brawl Game.

Horror Brawl Season 3 Announced

Horror Brawl Season 3 Announced

You can See Here The Post by Keplerians & Campero Games In The Picture Or Yourself By Clicking Here.

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I Know You’re all so much excited about it from now & thinking which new features are Going to be added in the Horror Brawl Season 3.

New Features Which May Coming In Season 3 & We May See it In Trailer –

  1. New Map(Rod’s Factory Map Which Was Shown In Ice Scream 4,5,6 & Coming In Ice Scream 7.) or Mr.Meat Game Map.
  2. Brand New Skins For All The Characters.
  3. New abilities For Mike & Lis, mike Maybe So Much Smart & Have Power to Craft Things? and for lis She Will maybe As Same As Charlie with a Little Difference.
  4. More New & Cool Features Like Voice Chat, More Friends To Be Added, Squad, Leaderboard, etc.
  5. More Improvements In The Graphics & The UI Design To Make Player More Happy.

These Are From Us That We Think Maybe Added In The Update & Super Expected by All The Players & Big Mind Thinkers On The Globe.

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