Smiling X Corp 4 Officially Announced + Small updates

Smiling X Corp 4 Officially Announced + Small updates


Previously, In Smiling X3 ending,we met hari at the end at the game but she wasn’t the real hari it was corp x virus who was talking with this all time in the game. Now in Smiling X4 as per rumors, Our goal will be to save hari (From Smiling X2)
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Smiling-X Corp 4 officially announced

Previously in Smiling X3 ending, we reached to the another part of the hotel where we meet hari but after sometime corp x virus enters our mind and he knows who we are and what is our purpose. And it reveals that the Hari that was communicating us throughout the game was not the real hari. “Shut up, you owe me this, you hacked almost everything, right? Well, we are going to end their mind control, get ready,if you don’t help me,we won’t continue advancing”. After this line smiling X3 ends here. Smiling X Corp 4 Officially Announced than.

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Now, In Smiling X4, according to rumors it is going to different from other 4 games because it will have more horror content than smiling x0 and our purpose is this game will be to save hari. We might also go in some old locations from other games.
Here is the announcement pic

smiling x corp 4

For this time we only got that much about the latest game which is coming from Indiefist Horror Games Smiling X Corp 4 later this year or in next years. Thank you for giving your time to read this post, keep reading.

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