Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Official Release Date!

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Official Release Date Leaked!

Last Week So Much Stuff Of Chapter 2 Shown To Us and We become so happy after that. A Quick Re-cape Of It Is, They Shared New VHS Tape, Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Steam page, And Told Us That Release Date Is So Close.


PP Ch2 Steam


PP Ch2 Steam


PP ch2 Steam

Continuing To This Today A Leaked Picture Shows That Chapter 2 Official Release date Is So So So Much Nearer! Yes, it’s Truly Near Let’s See How And Which Source Is That? Who Saying The Release Date.

On Steam Db Every Game On Steam, The Database Of The Game Updates Evey time When The Developer Makes Changes On The Page at Steam. So The Release date Is From The Steam Db You can Check Out It Yourself If You Don’t Believe It.

So, Now Talking About The Release date As Per This Is Still In problems That Mostly Is Also Gets Fail. Because the developer changes the profile on the steam from their Side & it changes The Release date Too. As Per The Steam db The Release Date Of Chapter 2 Is 29 April 2022.

Poppy playtime chapter 2 Steam Db

This Release Date Is Still Not Get Confirmed by The Devs. We Asked Them About It but They didn’t Even Answered It. It Seems That It Can Be real because they said us around 2 weeks ago that it will be released in 4 weeks expected by developers.

So It’s All Getting Intense Now Because Everyone, are So Much Excitingly Waiting For This Amazing Game. If you want it first So Go & Wishlist Now Here.

These all are talks about pc version of The game But What About Mobile Versions Or Ports? Why there Is No news About It Till Now?. Still a Huge Mystery that why not there is A News about Mobile Version Of Chapter 2 Of Poppy Playtime.

Let’s see what Happens Next And What They Shares Us As Next Big Leak Or Reveal.


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Hey? If you don’t know about Poppy Playtime 1 what Happened Their Read Below 👇

The Official Poppy Playtime Mobile Game!


You must stay alive in this horror/puzzle adventure. Try to survive the vengeful toys waiting for you in the abandoned toy factory. Use your GrabPack to hack electrical circuits or nab anything from afar. Explore the mysterious facility… and don’t get caught.


Welcome to Playtime Co.!

Playtime Co. was once the king of the toy manufacturing industry… until everybody inside of the factory one day disappeared into thin air. Now, years later, you must explore the abandoned factory and uncover the truth.


The Toys

The toys of Playtime Co. are a lively bunch! From Bot to Huggy, Catbee to Poppy, Playtime does it all! As long as you’re at Playtime Co., why not pay the toys a little visit? You might just make a few friends…

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Why Players Are So Much Excited?

As We Know poppy playtime Chapter 1 was such a huge hit & the story of Inside Is Literally Hilarious To Us. The Story Made So Much Peoples To Think About It In Depth & they Fell in love with it After Playing even After Watching Its Videos On YouTube & Other Social Medias. A Huge Part Of It’s Success was Social Media Influencers, They Played The Game And The Reactions Of Them Made Other Players Play It Too. Peoples First Time Saw Their Favourite Influencer Plays The Game One Time Thinks that we should also Play This Amazing & Exciting Game By Ourself. That’s why all Peoples played the game and It’s become So Popular.

How Become So Popular?

This Popularity made It Super Big & the Audience Is Now More Then 170 Million+ All Over The World by Official + Unofficial. Nowadays It’s Making records, by Getting More Players Day by Day & They Follows The News For Chapter 2 so They can play it on Time. One More Part Of It’s Excitement Is They Watched Th Trailer Of The Game Which Was Also A Big Part Which Made Peoples Love The Chapter 2 & wait for It Super Excitingly.

Are You Also Waiting For It? If Yes Then You’re at Write Place Where we’ll Soon Provide More cool Stuff You never Thought About & Help you to complete The Game Too. So Don’t Forget To Subscribe Our Website Or Download The All Now.

It’ Possible That Another Last & Final Teaser will Be Released by Them For The Chapter 2 Of Poppy Playtime Game To Cover It All & For Sure The Mobile Version Trailer Will Come. That’s All Are The Major Parts Which Making The wait More & More exciting & when the game will be out Everyone Will Be Like, Damn! Speed To Play & Know The Secrets Of Playtime Co. which not Known By anyone.

What Do you actually Think about Chapter 2 of poppy playtime game? Will it be a Huge Hit Or get Normal Reviews? after the release we’ll also Reveal Some Cool Things So Don’t Leave Us even you can Subscribe for Them You can’t get anywhere Only In Few Hours After The Release. So Be Wait ful For The Game.


Final Release Date Be Revealed Soon?

For Sure This Should Be Revealed Because Without It We Don’t Know when The Game will Be Released & So On..

So It will definitely Be revealed Soon As Per The Expectations & Development Company Tells. When the Date Will be Revealed players & Influencers Will start Preparing For The Game they will Try Not Ti Loose Any Opportunity To Play The Game Very First. Will you too do these Things? Idk about you but We Do These Things very Faster To Provide You more Cool Stuff At Fast Speed.


Details On Steam Page:-

Three times the size of Chapter 1, you must descend deeper into the toy factory. Mind-numbing puzzles and horrific toys await. Grapple and swing your way to safety. Try to escape- and don’t let Mommy find you.

The Train Station

Explore one of Playtime Co.’s most popular locations, the Game Station! This Train Station is more than just a pitstop… there’s games, a playground, and much, much more. Even better- the train provides a straight shot right out of the factory.

New Toys

Let’s ask Bunzo Bunny. Or perhaps PJ Pug-a-pillar has some ideas. Or maybe… Mommy knows?

The Green Hand

The all-new Green Hand has been introduced into the GrabPack family! You can now carry power with you, remotely! That’s not all… you can grapple now too! Innovation has done it again.

Transfer power without the confines of a wire!

Grab onto pipes and swing across missing flooring.

Fly! Kind of- you can grapple straight up, more accurately.

Playtime’s not over yet- stick around…

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