How Keplerians is getting forced to Release IS8 in 2023!

How Keplerians is getting forced to Release IS8 in 2023!

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Ice scream 8 leak
ice scream 8 leak
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In this, we are going to talk about Ice Scream 7’s new mod coming on saturday which is absolutely made due to the New released barbie movie getting craze in people and people might be looking for barbie kind of games and they will come here to play this game too or the already acquired audience wanted this too😶‍🌫️.

Keplerians looks working on some other games rather then working on their major games again, maybe they too get bored of keep expanding the game but in the case of Ice Scream 8 its already confirmed that IS8 is the finale, so it should be finished asap right? no! let me tell you why…

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..they are working on their other games like Angry King and perhaps some inner projects that are not yet shown to us but the major games are still at their places as it was. Maybe they don’t want to just ruin the end of IS8 by rushing the process of designing and producing like they did with IS4, IS5, IS6 released all 3 only in 7 months with an average gap of 2 months that ruined keplerians credibility for a better mobile game studio. People started thinking that they are just working for money nowadays, How Keplerians is getting forced to Release IS8 in 2023!

ICE SCREAM 8 EVIL NUN - Full Gameplay 😃 New chapter Fangame - YouTube

with this they maybe got to know that this is happening so they shifted their mind to other games and put the main games on Halt for a longer period but I’m inside the office they always(everyday) talks about it and further growth benefits with it to the Keplerians Studio.

By halting the games they started working on multiplayers but that all looks kind of totally failed nowadays for example:- Horror Brawl is totally dead as nobody online seems to be playing might be some players but the revenue of keplerians will be very very less, Ice Scream United was looking good in starting as getting traction and went down as new mobile games captured all its market.

A very bad news is here that Campero games which was behind Horror Brawl is one step ahead of Bankruptcy, They want work to do to sustain the company and employees due to the cash crisis in the company, its official by them through twitter they posted an official letters for companies and devs to help😥😭. Please read it all.

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by Seeing these things looks like keplerians itself involved in the sabotage. Till here they didn’t come to the part where to tell us about Ice scream 8 as maybe they planning the story finally and whenever they finally get to close to the crisis like this in their company they will forcefully have to create Ice Scream 8 & Mr. Meat 3! or PC versions of their traditional games.

So, this all what we think about Ice Scream 8 Delay but don’t worry we are so close to get the game, I’m not saying keplrians should come to the crisis but they need to start some neounce to grow bcoz this is not 2019, this is 2023! Things have changed a Lot, their are so many big budget players in the market and to get oxygen you need to keep making something different rather then getting inspired(copying game mechanics) from some most popular mobile ones /:

Keplerians is getting forced to Release IS8 in 2023!—–

Thank you all for reading this post I hope you loved this please share this as much as possible so you and specially they get aware if This can help them in anyway! bcoz I simply dont want to see them dying. ka-chow⚡💗.

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