Garten of Banban 4 Official Teaser Trailer – Review!

Garten of banban’s 3rd part has just come out but you know what’s special here? Haaaaa haaaa, Garten of banban 4 official teaser trailer released by Euphoric Brothers just after the 3rd game launch damn stuff right?

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So here we have a new teaser of Garten of banban 4 in our plate lol, let’s see garnish it or let’s deep dive what’s gonna be in the Garten of banban 4 official teaser trailer.

In the teaser Simply they showcasing a new character which was Expected before any official announcement for the character by Euphoric Brothers. The black star guy, looks like he is being Ready for his work? A police man ⭐. Also the area is looking somehow new or different from the normal Garten of banban game areas, a bit of darkness clearly seems to have in that part of the Garten of banban game.

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They are very fast working on their games, maybe to Clear out the story as fast as possible, or the reason can be different from person to person or developer to developer but whatever the reason is content creators are getting a lot of content due to this ⚡.

The monster/guy looking like gonna be the major antagonist of the Garten of Banban 4 game which can also be expected to be the final part by some creators or critics of the game saga. But personally as a veteran in the gaming industry I don’t think a game dev company can leave this hype of their games & a rocket like speed of their saga growth to close so soon, else they may expand the game as much as possible like Garten of banban 5-6-7-8-9-10 and soo on? Let’s see what happens.

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The star shaped stuff looks like his batch, and he topically looks like a policeman/guard in kindergarten.

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