Garten of Banban 5 WISHLIST & Trailer Release Date! (GREEDYNESS of Dev’s Explained)

Garten of Banban 5 WISHLIST & Trailer Release Date! (GREEDYNESS of Dev’s Explained)

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So here we go with the Garten of Banban 4 release date which is already announced as 11th of August as expected by major media houses shocking no? but what ill tell you now will shock you for sure! so read till the end to know the real game of euphoric brothers which they playing with our time and money by brainwashing ourselves for their garbage games(sorry but this is the truth).

Actually the idea behind their games was very clear for them, from the start of releasing the first game if we look into the things, The first game came they waited till the game’s success and waited and a youtuber markeplier played which is huge , when they captured the traction and started booming the markets their idea finally came to power bcoz if you see their previous games that was too much more garbage then this, that have not worked but when poppy playtime went viral with a style of toy factory these dev’s get to think about why not they try some cheap mechanics and sell it with a story of similer kind with a very minor change in every new game, looks like a never ending game saga until they get to see people are actually started dying after playing the game which is maybe a day gonna happen.

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What actually they are doing is just using the earlier traction which they got from starting and with that the youtubers who got to find out here they can go and make money by making fangame animations and videos regarding the GOB game they also boomed making this game stuff!!! for the sake of their money they getting views in millions and not only one but who so ever makes gets that views so why not make videos and get money easily?. If you see in the game you dont have anything to learn from just a garbage style graphics with a very similer kind of story just devs trying to expand as much as possible to fulfil their personal greeds.Even the devs are making so much good animations then these devs!

I can give you in written that this game will go further then GOB 10 until and unless steam bans them which is not gonna happen at all.

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Even this game looks so populer did you seen any media house giving them publicity bcoz this doesnt deserve it as its just a trash as you can clearly see it. They are not at all putting any effort thats why the main media and the devs are not liking it, the reasons are simple these games can lower the courage of good devs who makes awesome games wit story and graphics but not get success and now they will think if these games can get that much why not they make something trash like that. with this the whole gaming community gets harmed and in future you will see trash only due to these huge garbage bags.

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Actually, we need to understand that we must throw these games out of market after a certain time and give chance to good ones rather wasting our hard earned money and time on these trash stuff.

You will see the Teaser and wishlist for GOB 5 will arrive as early as possible after GOB 4 release in the market. MAYBE just after the release means the next minute for sure, so now its on you to thinik about this or other good dev’s who hardwork and make games in years and these 2 guys who come up with games in months😩😨, believe me guys these games are such a desaster for the industry to grow.

so that was all for this article, there are so many others things about it but ill tell you more sooner or later as GOB 5 arrives, please share this to the players of GOB and tell to come out of the garbage now! till then see ya ka-chow☺️.

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