Is Ice Scream 8 really The END or something HUGE is waiting Ahead?

Is Ice Scream 8 really The END or something HUGE is waiting Ahead?

As we are seeing these days Ice Scream saga’s final installment Ice Scream 8 is in talks and recently the Pre-order is also released by Keplerians which is a clear indication of they want to clean the mess and finally Wind up the series of the Kidnapper Ice Cream seller.

But fans who having a different thought , a way of thinking through they are in confusion that is this really going to be the final end of the Sag of something ahead is coming? In this article we are going to break down all the aspects of possibilities put together.

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In our previous articles we have talked about keplerians problem of Ice Scream success read now if not yet, and their need for Ice Scream saga in the future. They are finally going to leave the saga officially Means ending it up, and we are already started getting qus’s from players that what after Ice Scream saga? for what they will next wait? like in previous times the players are used to wait with excitement for the next game for months and that was one of the most powerful tool for keplerians of keep the hype maintained for months and even years.

“When we complete a game we see’s a new game leak or hint for next part of the Ice Scream saga but what will happen in Ice Scream ending?” one player asked. In the ending we don’t know keplerians is going to use this way as a final ending or an endless opportunity for the Season 2 of Ice Scream saga, maybe with different friends, different characters but the protagonist can be same people and social media influencers and giving suggestions to keplerians for further expansion of the saga with nuances.

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The description of IS8 – Google Play Store
The long-awaited finale of the Ice Scream saga is here!
Help the group of friends escape once and for all from Rod’s factory and put an end to this frosty nightmare.

Explore and rediscover classic factory locations. Help the group of friends solve puzzles and overcome terrifyingly fun mini-games to escape while running away from Rod and Evil Nun.
Discover an adventure full of puzzles, chases and mysteries perfect for both new players and veterans of the saga.
After rescuing Lis from the lab, all the friends are finally reunited in the control room. But the happiness doesn’t last long, because Rod has discovered Charlie and has followed him to the control room, where they are locked in. Now they must find a way out of the control room and come up with a plan to escape from the factory once and for all.

Pre-register now and be the first to play Ice Scream: The Final Chapter. Plus, you’ll get a special prize when the game is released.

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The Season 2 suggestions from creators and influencers of the game looks kind of Fascinating but so lengthy at the same time, the decision has to be taken by keplerians to further move the saga or stop it right here with a final happy ending. Whatever decision is gonna taken will directly effect, one of most anticipated mobile horror game developer keplerians future, They can shape it or destroy it.

What do you think Keplerians will do? what we are going to see in the end of Ice Scream 8(The Final Ending) will there be any hint for further seasons or something alternative has planned by keplerians as a surprise for us, this all gonna be so much awesome to see in upcoming days. Keep an eye through the site and the latest posts, you will a lot to know thank you for reading.

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