Ice Scream Saga development firm Keplerians is in huge trouble!

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Yes, you read it right The Developers of the Ice Scream Saga & Evil nun Series is now in huge trouble that may lead them to become titanic. Its going like a sinking ship for them, we don’t know if they are aware of this or not but absolutely this is clear that in this developing world of horror games and especially pc games grabbed players attention and in mobile market the new age developers took the market shares that is going to create a huge problem for Keplerians and its games.

Keplerians is in huge trouble! as they are simply not adapting… read more to get it


In the new world of gaming, where the time has change the era of 2020-21 has gone where players were play the story based games of keplerians and granny like games become most famous. Here in 2023 people are more craving to play the intense behavior games and high dopamine stuff as with new style of stories. But keplerians hasnt got it till today We think, they are still trying to push their games and relied on tha. This may lead to their Boat sink as we saw the bankruptcy of Campero games and the shut down of them due to no orders by companies and no projects they got, bcomz of their style maybe or the kind of games they create, the market may doesnt need it now! They needed to switch to new world items and things but rather they kept on their old style things that become the final nail on their grave.

Keplerians looks like on the same path if they does’nt switch to something new or adapt to the change withholding their own beliefs.

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Now, lets move to see what is going on these days, Keplerians is actually looks like trying to get some attention of us or maybe trying to get their loyal fanbase back through.. the posting on X or YouTube Videos you can see pictures below… saying that they are working hard. Yes they are working hard but in the wrong direction.

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It’s very clear now that they are trying to rely on the Ice Scream saga but as the response on socials they are getting doesnt show that much people ae waiting for it. The Loyal player-ship went away due to a huge gap of time maybe or not adapting to the change in the new games by keplerians. We hope that keplerians itself or their insiders will show them the article will think about this to start thinking about adapting to the new Normal to avoid the demish like campero games. Thanks for reading.

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