How Mr. Meat found in Eagle Junior High School? (Mr. Meat 3: Origins Possible)

How Mr. Meat found in Eagle Junior High School? (Mr. Meat 3: Origins Possible)

In the new Keplerians video you have seen, they shown un a hidden picture of a kid which lies in Laundry of the Eagle Junior High school and when you hears the voce clip of him it really makes think twice is it, wait is it? Mr. Meat damn! how he is here a as a child so much mess and a lot to be cleared so lets know more in depth of the possibilities through that the kid is in eagle junior school in Evil Nun: The Broken mask. And most Importantly How it leads us to think about Mr. Meat 3: Origins coming soon.

Keplerians New Video

There are a lot of things sneaking in, that shows the interest of Keplerians to deep merge the game saga’s they have created in the past 6-7 years of time period. But the hard thig is to create the initial changes in al their games to make sure any kind of timeline errors in the universe their games. Through that way they can actually make a universe of ultimate doom that is unbreakable and further expanding with the legendry characters they have created with the deepest possible roots of awesome-ness and clarity of mind.

Mr. Meat 3
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Mr. Meat has found in the laundry of Sister madeline school hits very hard, as it all started like from one place? earlier in the crocodile escape we were able to analyze that maybe the main player in the Evil Nun mobile is Rod Sullivan as per his looks and he rescues a crocodile from S.M’s darkness and also all the kids(with Mr. Meat for sure) through epic balloon escape. The statue of the player looks like child rod and the connections looks very deep with the s.m school. maybe that way Rod meets Mr. Meat.

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There are 100’s of different theories in this way to suri-fy the connections of all the 3 universes of keplerians. The dark secrets of the dakr families behind all the kids are for-sure came from a place where all the roots have grown.

Mr. Meat 3 having different sights to portray Mr. meat 2 continuation story or go back in past to secure a story of deep and gor horror through darkness of meat and pork and we cant forget Frank Miller the Pig 13 which was converted by Mr. Meat due to a huge issue of betrayal and money with his wife and frank miller. Thank you for reading the article, read other articles too, they are so informative for Horror game Enthusiast’s and specially kepler lovers.

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