Evil Nun Rush Game Review! Should you play or not?

Evil Nun Rush Game REVIEW! Should you play or not?



On 20th Of May Evil Nun Rush Has Released For all except a little Delay for iOS Systems. The game getting very positive & good response from players, this response is so better then evil nun maze Game which was released in 2021 ( The Early Version Of Evil Nun Rush converted to Evil Nun Rush Now). Evil Nun rush is actually a very good Game For All. Let’s Know how it is, in this Review By our team Horraria Play. We hope you love to read our Reaction & Experience About THIS game. And what we thinks about it & it’s future updates too. So let’s move into it.

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EN Rush Review by Us!

Okay, so being Honest starting with, i can tell that it’s a Better option for the players who Played Evil nun maze & wanted a More Cooler version so here it is Evil nun Rush For You! This game starts with the almost same vibes of Evil Nun Maze. coz it’s the after version of Evil Nun Maze with A Huge Major Update by Keplerians.

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Evil Nun rush

You can See In this New game they have added such Modes. Which are normal for a running Maze game. Every mode having different & cool features The Game’s Most Popular Mode is Story Mode where the story Of William Bismerch’s Story big Secret Revealed by them In A Special Cutscene At the end of Chapter 1 & Chapter 2 will be out Soon as per them with New Cutscene & More Mysterious story.

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Evil nun rush

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Evil nun rush ending

If you ask Us About the cutscene That was Perfectly Made by them i personally liked the cutscene shown In The Game & the new effects they started using is also So Much Amazing. We should have A Big Hands👏 For Their Hard work they potten Into The game.

In the GAME There is so many different features & the most important This Are New Way to use the power ups as A Card like we saw in Different Movies & TV shows like “Digimon” That’s also Amazing then The Evil Nun Maze.

These all are really Good Things but The Big SAD-BACK 👎  & little More Good Thing Was the game contains Almost Same Environment Like evil nun maze that should be also new or atleast Some cool Changes Can be made in it & graphics updates too. But By addition in Features & Modes they actually made it So Good then evil nun maze & by this It’s Really become so good.

Screenshot 2022 05 20 21 25 18 18 b5a5c5cb02ca09c784c5d88160e2ec24

Egg gun in evil nun maze

★Final Opinion – Should You play Evil Nun Rush Or It’s just a time Waste?

From Our side we’ll Tell You, That You must Play it & see the Cutscene Yourself if you’re A True Fan Of Evil Nun Game. If you don’t want to Miss Any Story element related to Evil Nun Universe You must Play It & You’ll Enjoy the game for sure. What Do You think After Playing Please share Your Thoughts In Comment Box We”re waiting for it.

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Download Links Are Here :-

🔸 G-Play: https://bit.ly/3NhN4Se

🔹 AppStore: https://apple.co/3PvLcHj


Thank You So Much For Reading Our Review On The New game Evil nun Rush by Keplerians.

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