Evil Nun Rush Officially Released!

Evil Nun Rush Officially Released!


Finally, Today after a long wait of This Game earlier they thought to update Evil Nun Maze for instead of game but At the end they chosen to make a Brand New game Instead Of Update Into Evil Nun Maze. The Game So much Amazing as per our Experience & it’s detailed review will be out very soon before that we wanna tell you that you should Much Play the game if you’re a Evil Nun Game Enthusiastic People. The Details & Download link given Below Go Check It Out Now!


Evil Nun rush store pictures


Evil nun rush


Evil nun rush picture


Evil Nun rush


Evil nun rush


These Pictures shows that the game is gonna Be new features & full story mode inside it & the developers Promised That The Game will get frequent Updates where new cutscenes Regarding Evil Nun Story Will be Shown! That’s amazing..


About Evil Nun Rush! –

Run, solve puzzles and discover the true story of the blue handed child.


Discover the new and addictive experience of the Evil Nun universe. Progress through the game, save your progress and come back every day to discover all the secrets of the past of William Bismarck, the blue handed child, with the new narrative cutscenes.


Enter a world of fast-paced short games where each floor is unique and will increase in difficulty as you overcome the puzzles and boss challenges that Evil Nun has prepared for you. To that end, help yourself with a series of power-ups that will allow you to face these challenges according to your playstyle.

A game that will keep you trapped within its content, that will expand with new scenarios, puzzles, challenges and fragments of the story.


Some features:

1. Escape from the Evil Nun through Eagle’s Junior High School landmarks.

2. Floors and puzzles are randomly generated, so all levels are unique.

3. Level up by completing the story mode and collect coins to get new power-ups to take on the Evil Nun.

4. Unravel the secrets of the Magic Cup as you discover the story of William Bismarck, the boy with the blue hands.

5. Regular updates filled with new maps, puzzles, enemies and interesting cutscenes.


If you want to enjoy an experience of fantasy, horror and fun, play “Evil Nun Rush”.


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Evil nun rush


What Are you waiting to play? Go & Download It Now! Links Are Below 👇


🔸 G-Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keplerians.evilnunrush&hl

🔹 App Store: https://apps.apple.com/app/evil-nun-rush/id1615808739

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