Ice Scream Tycoon Release Date Announced!


Hello friends I am here to tell you about ice scream tycoon release date announced so let’s start. The ice scream tycoon game is going to release and this news announced by keplerians on his youTube and Instagram chennal. Ice scream has already six session which is on play store if wanna play it so, you can download it. 

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Friends if you don’t about ice scream tycoon so i would like to tell you that ice scream tycoon pre-registration is available on play store so friends go and do pre-registration from play store and enjoy ice scream tycoon and it’s upcoming series. 

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Do you know? release date of ice scream tycoon! 

Ice scream is one of the most popular horror game which developed by keplerians, and in this game has a road on which we have to run after that the evil will come to kill you and you have to save from evil and make road. If you wanna release date of ice scream tycoon so it going to release 22 july 2022 mean this Friday so get ready for it. 

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About this game!

The evil ice cream man Rod Sullivan, from the famous Keplerians Ice Scream saga, has kidnapped you to be his minion. In this idle game you have the mission of making Rod’s factory work, while Rod Sullivan is doing his evils, chasing J or fattening children, but don’t worry because the Mini Rods will help you.

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In this idle game you have to make ice cream and get coins and gems that you can exchange in the store to improve Rod Sullivan’s factory and get more Mini Rods. Keep an eye out, because from time to time Rod Sullivan will stop by the factory, which will speed up the production of the factory so you can get resources faster!

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