Poppy Playtime Fanart Contest Officially Announced!

Poppy Playtime Fanart Contest Officially Announced!

MOB Games – The development Company of Poppy Playtime Game Has Just Launched Their New Poppy Playtime Fanart Contest. For All Poppy Playtime Lovers Who Was Waiting For It Since Poppy Playtime Release! To Know More In Details About what’s Inside The Contest To The Prices. This contest will be so much amazing for those who was waiting a contest like that to draw something special about their Beloved Characters.  They still not yet revealed what will be the price if any available. Check Out Their Products Here.




The contest is based on 1980’s Playtime co. Popularity when kids loves its Toys more then any other things, And in this project fans have to draw something good not scary to show how much they love its characters(Toys) As a Children Of 1980’s.

Poppy Playtime Fanart Contest Details Here


The Details Are Given Related to Poppy Playtime Fanart Contest Below by Officials –

Mob Games is running a contest to put 5 pieces of fanart in Chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime. In this contest, you are a kid in the 1980s who is a big fan of all the Playtime Co toys and has sent fanart in to Playtime Co founder Elliott Ludwig.

Upload one piece of artwork to the. Linked Google Form.
Artwork MUST be hand drawn or have the appearance of hand drawn art.
Artwork should NOT be scary! It should come from the perspective of a kid who loves Playtime Co toys
Contest will close 4/17 at 11:59 PM EST
Limit ONE submission per person.


poppy playtime chapter 2 fanart contest instructions

Submit Your Fanarts Here Before Dead Line- https://forms.gle/ppFbFbQMTRhz97i1A

These days Chapter 2 of poppy playtime a lot popular and that shows how many players will take part into the contest. Players thinks that prize will be related to Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 .  Also, Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Wish List On Steam Out It seems That The prize will be related to this.

You can draw a very cool amazing hand drawn artwork. That will be taken as good entry, maybe win too.

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