Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 New Game Screenshots Are Here

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 New Game Screenshots Are Here!


As we all are going close to poppy playtime chapter 2 release, the developers and promoters of the game are so much active these days and sharing information everyday on their discord and twitter accounts. In this they Have shared Us Some cool screenshots of the game On their Discord Server, These screenshots made players so much hyped about it bcoz these screenshots shows the actual game looks and truly amazing at first impressions. So lets Talk About It in depth.



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First of all they have shared this news On their discord server where they most of the time gives information regarding it. And you can see how much players are being hyped after revealing of these amazing screenshots by MOB Games.

Lets Talk About Each Picture in depth-

1.)Full Size Railyard


You can see here The Toy train Is now become full size train and maybe its working its proved in further screenshots, you can see spider webs there and also maybe there a way to underground. This Is going to be so much cooler to ride train in the undergrounds or complete the puzzles via this.

2.)Underground Railway

unknown 1

Here Is the railway which runs underground or connected to the main point shown in the picture 1 somethings cool going to happen there.

3.)Secret Unknown Area


Maybe this area will lead us somewhere, we saw earlier in trailer so many monsters was their like huggy wuggy in.

4.)Green Hand Puzzle Area

unknown 4

You Saw In The Trailer there was a green hand the hand used to transfer energy of electricity, so here is the place where the green hand powers will be used you can see the Green spot for that puzzle.


5.)Electricity Area Of the factory

unknown 7

This Maybe The electricity Room or something like that area of the playtime co. will see in the game soon.


6.)Entrance Hall Of the factory


unknown 2

The Hall Area where the huggy wuggy At the center area but maybe in this part we’ll not see him there.


7.)Biggest Machine Of The Factory

unknown 3

Maybe Its The Biggest machine of the factory we will have find secrets from this place or like huggy wuggy from here the part of Mommy long leg will Start.

8.)Poppy’s House

unknown 5

The House of poppy we saw in chapter 1 but now its changed we saw in the first teaser of Poppy playtime chapter 2 Where the door needs to be open.

9.)Unidentified Place In the Factory 1


HighresScreenshot00009 1


`They will reveal more about it soon as the game comes closer to release.

10.)Unidentified Place In the Factory 2





Still needs some clearance from them to know about it more in depth.

11.)New Vents


unknown 6

This vent is totally different from the chapter 1 vents maybe here other monsters will chase us Or directly Mommy long legs


So Guys These Are The new screenshots shown by MOB games About Poppy Playtime Chapter 2.


Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 New Screenshots

Check Out Here – https://discord.gg/poppyplaytime


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