Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mommy LONG LEGS Commercial VHS Out!

Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Mommy LONG LEGS Commercial VHS Out!


While We all are waiting for chapter 2 of poppy playtime game by mob games, They have Shared us another amazing Commercial related to mommy long legs which is going to be Major Enemy In Poppy playtime chapter 2 Its Old time Video When Playtime co. has just made mommy long legs and taken it to the markets they made its advertisement Commercial for TV ads so peoples can know about Playtime Co. New Toy Mommy long legs They Released a new a video on their youtube channel MOB Games.



Screenshot 2022 04 07 204555

In the Video All Kids Used to play with their new friend mommy in a park doing fun and the advertisement closes but at the end something terrible happens, Mommy long legs becomes reality and Do what She Should Not do.

Screenshot 2022 04 07 204636

A sound of mommy comes and and she tells wake up? idk to whom she saying.. but its really terrible to play and see inside the real game, For sure this will be a tape recorder WE’LL listen in Poppy playtime chapter 2 Game.

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Watch It Here to know the whole scenariohttps://youtu.be/D6o9-SpCik4

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