Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Coming In April 2022?

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Poppy Playtime Chapter 2 Coming In April 2022?

Poppy Playtime a very much popular horror game in between the influencers, and this game made MOB games literally known every where in the world after the hit success of poppy playtime chapter 1 but they not stop here yes, chapter 2 almost done by them as they sharing reveals and the trailer of it is out from them on Feb 22, 2022 this year and its already a huge hype now but



the question is where is the chapter 2 now?

the release date by developers is still hidden but as per knowing the scenarios their major and let say 95% work is done they hopefully doing the upper stuff now the development part isd done as per they revealed all major stuff like teaser, and the trailer!

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so aggregations are that the game is going to release in the month of april at the end of it or maybe it little late it will be released in the first week of, may 2022.

its not fake news, based on true analysis & real data of mob games did in last years so be ready for it!

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check out #1 Teaser of poppy playtime chapter 2 here – https://youtu.be/YrzrYXcAQU4

check out Trailer Of poppy playtime chapter 2 here – https://youtu.be/XVENjm3Bjk0 

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