Mr.Meat Is Gonna Be Executed In Mr. Meat 2!

Mr.Meat Is Gonna Be Executed In Mr. Meat 2 by Electric Chair & Shock!

So, Hey All You peoples in a very fresh new video of Keplerians this Saturday We Saw That They Have revealed Such Much Things. In That video they have shown us a Cutscene cum promo video of Mr Meat 2 in which a Newspaper Shown. The Biggest Secret Or Event Which Going to happen In Mr Meat 2 written in it Let’s Analyse It In Depth. Before Analysis, Let Me Share you some pictures regarding it which i got from The Original Keplerians Video Can watch Here & See The News.


Professor Or Dr. while the main person in mr meat 2

Mr. Meat 2 main place

Mr.meat's execution order now in newspaper mr meat 2

Here You’re seeing some new images from the Mr. Meat 2 game In which the whole Scenario Going To Happen. You can read the Newspaper Shown Here Written Something Very Important at The BOTTOM Left Corner… “The End Of Mr.Meat”?

And Written “The end of Mr Meat – The Blatimore Butcher was incarcerated to years ago and sentenced to death in Nebraska State Prison where he bas reasained in solitary confinement to this day. As for bis Execution, he will be subjected to the electric chair, a method that is practisedin few other states but is still in force in Nebraska“.

Electric Chair realife picture

Mr meat 2 picture


So As Per This Para Says – Mr.Meat Is Gonna Be Executed By A Machine Called Electric Chair Which Will Be Really A lot Painful & Hurtful death for mr.meat. That’s Why It’s Gonna Be 16+? Umm. In Pre-register we Read All The About Of This Game You can See Here.

Mr. Meat 2 Google Play Description –

Mr. Meat is back and now you have to escape from the prison.

After the terrible events on Mr. Meat’s property, the butcher was captured and locked up in the state prison. After several years, the day of his execution has arrived. Relatives and acquaintances have gathered to witness his end and close that chapter of their lives. However, Mr. Meat does not give up and has prepared a surprise for them.

Live again the horror of the Mr. Meat saga, a much more raw and bloody experience than the rest of the Keplerians games.

Play as one of the characters who was involved in the events that led Mr. Meat to prison. Explore an entirely new scenario by searching for one of the multiple escape routes available as you flee from Mr. Meat and his cronies while solving new puzzles.

Pre-register now and be the first to play “Mr. Meat 2”. Plus, you will get a special prize when the game is released.


Mr. Meat 2 Icon


These All Things Simply Says Mr. Meat 2 Is Gonna Be A Superb & Hilarious Game Ever we Got From Keplerians Because In This Game We’re Going To Face The Hardest & Badas Things From Keplerians Mr Meat Universe.

Also If Mr. Meat gets died In Mr.Meat 2 then We Can Directly Say There Is No MrMeat 3 Or If He Stays Alive Or Prison Break Happens It Confirms Mr Meat 3 Game.

So Let’s Wait For This Amazing Game.. coming on 15 july( unconfirmed ).

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