Glowstick Ent. Left’s Evil Nun: The Broken Mask!

Glowstick Entertainment Left’s Evil Nun: The Broken Mask! & Keplerians Takes Full Control.

What We Thinks, What We Want, What We Got? These Qus Are Now Equals To Nothing In The Case Of Evil Nun The Broken Mask. Because After A Long Wait Anyone(Keplerians & Glowstick) Both Opened Their Mouths & Said The Reality Which Actually Going On. We Already Expected That Thing They Told On Friday. So The final Answer From Them Is Glowstick Entertainment Stepping Away From Evil Nun: The Broken Mask Due Yo Some Obligations As Per Them. You can Read What Actually They Told Down Below The Post Pictures & Link Given.

[responsivevoice_button]Evil nun: The Broken Mask Closed From Glowstick but Running by Keplerians.

Evil Nun PC Keplerians Post

Glowstick Entertainment Post Over Evil Nun PC Issue

You can Read They Telling About Obligations? What It Means -D

own We Talked About It What Are The Reasons Behind Broken Collaboration Between Them For Evil Nun PC.

Read Keplerians Twitter Post –

Read Glowstick Entertainment Twitter Post –

Evil Nun PC Trailer on Keplerians Channel

Evil nun tbm steam

Evil nun tbm steam

Now, They have Transferred The Game To Their Own Accounts On The Steam by Keplerians.

You can See In The Picture Things Are Removed And Refreshed Now!

Wait For Sometime Until They Add Stuff here Again In The New Account by them.

Reasons Behind They Broken Up This Huge Collaboration For Evil Nun: The Broken Mask Between 2 Huge Game Companies?

We Thinks That this Collaboration Is Broken As Because You saw Since 1 Year Glowstick is Very Slowly Little Work On The Evil nun: TBM. Keplerians May Don’t Like that And Wanted To Fast And Told Them To Do It Fast And It’s Obvious Bcoz It’s Already Been 2 Years How Much More late? And It Looks Like Glowstick Ignoring Evil Nun PC Only Focuses On Their New DLC’s & M & M Series. For The Perspective Of Keplerians Fans It’s A Very Good Decision For Keplerians To Take over the full control & work their Self With their own Team And Make Their self Big In PC Gaming Too.

Players Are Giving Full Support To Keplerians due To They Are The Devs Of Great Mobile Games & Wanted To Come In PC Gaming. But from The Side Of Glowstick Fans That’s Not So Good Bcoz They Will not Be Able To See This Game From Glowstick Now. And Now The Game Is Totally By Keplerians yes, the Major Development Done by Them But At The End They Left The Game That’s Really Bad Thing Done. They was only Focused On Their Games it’s good now will be fast development. We wish Both The Companies For Their Future Specially Keplerians To Continue The Game As Planned. And Make Their Fans In PC Market Too.

Evil Nun: The Broken Mask Has A Huge Potential To Become the Popular game In The Industry That Will Be Amazing For Keplerians So keep It Up we’re With You;) We hope you All Liked This News If You have Any doubts And Wanted To Tell Anything? Tell Us In Comments we’re waiting For It.

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