Evil Nun Rush Official Trailer New Sneak Peek Out!

Evil Nun Rush Official Trailer New Sneak Peek Out!

You all know that Keplerians Evil Nun Rush Game Is So close to us coming in few days & we waiting for Evil Nun Rush Official Trailer Too, In this Keplerians Has Shared a Very Insane Thing A Sneak Peek Of Evil Nun Rush Trailer. In this picture they have shown something insane that blow you, read more to know About It In Depth.

Evil Nun Rush icon

S.M Pet Chickens Coming In Evil Nun Rush g Evil Nun Rush Official Trailer Game:-

If You all played evil Nun 2 you know that s.m has her special chicken pets in that game & now it’s Coming in Evil Nun Rush. In Evil Nun 2 the chickens was so much dengerous For The Players To Escape From The Game. These Chickens for sure make problems for us In The Game While running.

Evil Nun Rush Trailer leak

Evil Nun Rush leak

About Evil Nun Rush :-

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Run, solve puzzles and discover the true story of the blue handed child.


Discover a new and addictive experience of the Evil Nun universe. Progress through the game, save your progress and come back every day to discover all the secrets of the past of William Bismarck, the blue handed child, with the new narrative cinematics.


Enter a world of fast-paced short games where each floor is unique and will increase in difficulty as you overcome the puzzles and boss challenges that Evil Nun has prepared for you. To that end, help yourself with a series of power-ups that will allow you to face these challenges according to your playstyle.


A game that will keep you trapped with content that will expand with new scenarios, puzzles, challenges and fragments of the story.


Pre-register now and be the first to play “Evil Nun Rush“. Plus, you’ll get a special prize when the game is released.


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