Evil Nun Rush Official Gameplay Teaser Released!

Evil Nun Rush Official Gameplay Teaser Released!

So much time had we don’t got any news regarding Evil Nub Rush New game by Keplerians, But now they’re back with something big this Saturday & Revealed Evil Nun Rush Official Gameplay Teaser! Let’s Know About It’s secret things & in Depth Review.


Evil Nun Rush

What’s new shown in The Evil Nun Rush Gameplay Teaser?

In The teaser the most Hilarious Thing was shown, that a mysterious voice says William “I’ll give intelligence“. Actually, in the starting of the Teaser A Cutscene Shown In that William knows that actually he helps S.M by mistake to complete her ritual of talking to Bharat & getting back Back in Life because she loves her a lot. So he was insane after her death That’s why she performed this dangerous Ritual. Back to Evil Nun Maze Cutscene, William says ” who is gonna Help hom & a Storm Type Thing Comes after that some Drops Of Water comes on William Like It was rain but not actually. & Said I’ll give Intelligence. Wowww element was this.


Evil nun rush William Cutscene

Evil nun rush picture

Evil Nun rush cutscenes

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The major thing of the game is going to have Is new cutscenes which will be added time to time. Like horror brawl game this game also get Frequent  Updates In the terms of CUTSCENES As per the trailer & Keplerians Team.


In the trailer we saw so many new features In which new Items, Different Mods Like Subway Surfers & Other Running Games. we’ll be able to select which we want to play. You can see picture down below to know more –

Screenshot 2022 05 14 16 41 48 23 f9ee0578fe1cc94de7482bd41accb329

Evil nun rush

Evil nun rush


New Weapon First Time In Maze Game :-

In this New game they have added a weapon called Egg Gun We also Used In Evil Nun 2 Game to win & escape the game & also see the secret ending. In this it will help us to escape too, & it was the need because there gonna be Evil Nun’s Chickens Too.

Egg gun in evil nun maze

Screenshot 2022 05 14 16 42 34 47 f9ee0578fe1cc94de7482bd41accb329

There are so much New Features Coming in the game & the game is coming on 20th may. As Per officials (IOS STORE Almost True) So Be ready For It!


About Evil Nun Maze:-

Discover a new and addictive experience of the Evil Nun universe. Progress through the game, save your progress and come back every day to discover all the secrets. About  the past of William Bismarck, the blue handed child. with the new narrative cinematics.

Enter a world of fast-paced short games where each floor is unique. And will increase in difficulty as you overcome the puzzles and boss challenges. That Evil Nun has prepared for you. To that end, help yourself with a series of power-ups. That will allow you to face these challenges according to your playstyle.

A game that will keep you trapped with content that will expand with new scenarios. Puzzles challenges and fragments of the story.

Pre-register now and be the first to play “Evil Nun Rush”. Plus, you’ll get a special prize when the game is released.

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