Angry King Keplerians New game ready to come!

Hi guys I’m here to tell u about the New game of Keplerians horror games

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Angry King

So Keplerians announced a new game called angry king 👑 the game will be set in a castle and we will do pranks on king Richard and we are going to play as a jester yes a joker, Angry King Keplerians New game is here to come.

There are many new features in angry king the first feature is parkour we can jump from roof to roof and that’s amazing
The second feature is that whenever we will fall from a high place we will not die we need to click several times on the screen to get up

angry king

So our Man enemy is king Richard and also Keplerians added king’s guards who will chase us and catch us like mini rods

New pet enemy is coming in angry king called enzo he is a crow that’s not confirmed that he is our enemy or helper and his name is enzo

Angry Kind Keplerians New game

The graphics of angry king is mostly similar to witch cry it is set in a castle the graphics doesn’t give horror vibes but still ok

it’s basically a prank game like scary teachers we need to prank on king Richard to annoy him and tease him by playing pranks on him

The expected release date of angry king on IOS is 25th may very soon right let’s wait for the official release date


angry king ore registration is out on Android and IOS both u can pre register now!


Angry Kind Keplerians New game


Store images also show us something in a picture we can see Kings guards are coming to Catch us and they also have spear in their hands maybe spears are to throw on us to stun us . Other store image on IOS shows us dining table with meat and the castle’s look the castle’s looks really amazing in my opinion

So that’s it I know about angry king we will keep u updated about this game

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